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We go beyond conventional learning here at CLP. We provide learning environments that are hollistic. Fun, happiness and fulfillment continue to play a huge part in what we do.
All our activities are shaped around the individual or family, to ensure that what we teach, beds down for a life time.
Does this resonate with you in the same way?
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Elizabeth Borg - Director

Our Star Studded Roster...

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Do you believe in trilogies?...
Our tutors embody what a real trilogy is like....

Elizabeth Borg - Fun Reading and Numbers
Yes, it is possible to have Maths, reading and Fun in the same sentence. Well, at least with Elizabeth it is. She helps parents help their children with Maths and reading. In addition she helps build behavior and habit between children and parents to work together on Maths. 
She uses fab games to communicate concepts that stick and help children at school, and helps parents support them.

Cheryl Morgan - Teaching Assistant
Batman has Robin, Laurel has hardy and Elizabeth has Cheryl ! This dynamic duo brings fun to learning experiences, both to parents and children alike - no one, but no one is spared! Ask around in your school and see how much other parents have uncovered and learned. Cheryl brings a breath of joy to parents as she has been through the same learning experience - as a parent! ;-)

William Doust - Digital Art Labs ;-)
Did you know that you can play your way into new skills? Bridging the gap between digital and hand made arts & crafts? Curious? well, Wait for the new upcoming courses.

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